Bando is a martial art from Myanmar, the state of Burma, in which fighting with…

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Taekwondo is a martial art that came to us from Korea. There are several types…

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Wing Chun
Wing Chun is a Wushu school in China that uses a wide variety of combat…

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Jeet Kune-Do

Jeet Kune-Do is a martial arts style created by Bruce Lee. In the translation, Jeet Kune-Do means “The Way of the Leading Fist.” And in our time, this fighting style is one of the most popular martial arts, it is trained in different countries around the world.

Jeet Kune-Do – The Essence
Bruce Lee creator Jeet Kune-DoBruce Lee did not define Jeet Kune-Do as a “style” of martial arts. He liked the name “method” more, because, according to his philosophy, Jeet Kun-Do can be used in any kind of martial arts.

In the book of the master’s wife, Linda Lee, published under the title “A Man Only I Knew,” it is said that this method was first developed for successful self-defense on the street in threatening situations. In the techniques of Jeet Kun-Do, many styles of oriental martial arts are affected, for example – Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, as well as English boxing, Filipino boxing. The techniques of these and other martial arts in Jeet Kune-Do are generalized, Continue reading


Grappling – is one of the types of martial arts, which combines the technique of many wrestling sports with the most minimal restrictions on the use of painful and suffocating techniques. There are no strikes or weapons in this fight. A feature of grappling is the wrestler’s desire to end the fight as quickly as possible, using pain or choking techniques. The second feature of grappling is the uniform of athletes, consisting of shorts and a T-shirt or, as an option, tights of wrestlers. The athlete’s clothing should tightly fit the body so that the opponent does not get any advantage during the fight, fights are barefoot.

Technically, a rather large number of different methods are used in grappling, such as throwing, takedown, positional wrestling, painful reception and strangulation, slipping away, clinching, coup.

A throw is a technique performed when a wrestler takes his opponent out of equilibrium, raises him and throws him to the ground, which looks very spectacular. The goal of the throw is to bring the enemy out of the battle with a powerful blow to the ground or to take a convenient position. Continue reading

Viet Vo Dao

Viet Vo Dao is a system of traditional Vietnamese martial arts, which includes the knowledge and traditions of a country with a thousand-year history. Viet Vo Dao is considered one of the oldest martial arts, which is also a good way of self-defense, as well as a complex of harmonious human development.

The history of Viet Vo Dao began from the reign of the Hung Vyung dynasty, according to legend, Lee Than was its founder. In the next ruling dynasty of King Thun, hand-to-hand combat competitions were also popular.

Previously, in Asian countries, martial arts were open to training only a select circle of people who sought a special position in society. So, in India there was a caste of elite warriors who were valued as aristocrats. In Japan, there was a samurai clan, which was especially respected by the people. In Vietnam, the martial arts were distributed without restrictions among all classes of the population, but mainly among the peasants. Therefore, weapons in martial arts of Vietnam were often household items: poles, rockers, chains, axes, etc.

The martial arts of Vietnam were constantly being transformed and improved in connection with the historical Continue reading

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Wushu school in China that uses a wide variety of combat techniques and is therefore defined as the applied direction of Wushu. The battle in Wing Chun is based on certain principles comprehended by a student during training. Departures from the attack line are combined with fast linear attacks when approaching a very close range. Often a fight ends with knees and elbows. A special exercise “sticky hands” helps the fighter to navigate well during a fight at close distances. As part of the style, there are also techniques using a knife that are associated with the technique of fighting hands and fighting techniques without using weapons. Also, with the sticky hands technique, students are trained in throws and grabs.

The history of style in legends Continue reading

Buza – martial art

Buza is a martial art that was recreated in Tver by G. N. Bazlov in the 90s of the 20th century. This martial arts consists of combat dance, hand-to-hand combat and combat with weapons.

This fight previously existed in the northwestern regions of Russia – on the lands of modern Tver, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda regions. This martial art had many names, of which buza is the most used. Often the struggle didn’t have a name at all, and the actual tradition of fighting in various places was called by the name of fighting dance, to the music of which the fight took place. So, among the various names of military melodies, by the name of which the tradition of combat was also called, there are such options as a buza, galanikha, Continue reading

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