Ashihara-karate uses scientific logic based on natural rationalism and the elimination of all unnecessary things. Traditional karate focuses on a specific technique or solely on strength. Today in society, the…

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Wushu (Kung Fu)
Today it’s hard to find someone who has not heard at least once about what Wushu or Kung Fu are. Most people who heard this word immediately recall the famous…

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Penchak Silat
Penchak Silat is a martial art, widespread in the countries of Southeast Asia. It includes two main sections - unarmed battles and battles with weapons. Penchak Silat is also a…

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stick combat


Boxing is a type of martial arts where athletes use fist punches with the help of special gloves. The game has a referee who controls the fight. The fight lasts 3-12 rounds. The winner of the athlete can be considered when the opponent is knocked down and is not able to independently rise within 10 seconds, which is called a knockout, or if the opponent received an injury due to which he cannot continue the fight, which is called technical knockout. If after a certain number of rounds the fight has not stopped, then the winner is determined by the judges.

The first evidence of such competitions is imprinted on Egyptian, Minoan and Sumerian reliefs. Fist Continue reading


Bando is a martial art from Myanmar, the state of Burma, in which fighting with bare hands is practiced. Bando is considered a milder type of fistfight. The bando technique contains throws, steps, grabs, strangulations, as well as elbow, fists, head, feet and knees. There are three main types of bando: soft, medium, hard. Among aristocrats, “medium” and “soft” bando are very popular. The “soft” bando is practiced with an imaginary adversary according to a battle plan prepared in advance. In the case of the presence of an adversary, a “soft” bando means conducting a battle without contacting the adversary at all or in part. At its core, a soft bando is a formal exercise and resembles kata in karate.

The “average” bando is often practiced in the army. During the “middle” bando, contact of opponents is practiced for three minutes. This kind of bando is similar to sparring in karate, only in this case the fight does not stop if a point is counted if successful. In addition, the final decision is made only after the expiration of the full time allotted for the fight.

The “hard” version of the bando is better known as flyway or burmese boxing. Continue reading


Baguazhan is a Chinese martial art that consists of palm movements and circular movements.

History of the appearance of style
Baguazhan – Chinese martial art, which consists of movements with the palms of the hands and movement in a circle. This style of martial art began its development from 1820 to 1850 during the reign of the Qing Dynasty, under the motto “Daoguan”. This style, known today, was founded by Dong Haichuan from Hebei Province, Wenan County. Dong developed a style technique based on local Wushu techniques. It is important to note that in the 30s of the 20th century in Tianjin, several students were writing stories that Dong Hai Chuan had learned this martial art from his Taoist mentor named Bi Chengxia from Anhui province in the mountains of Continue reading

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Capoeira is a national Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, play and acrobatics, accompanied by national Brazilian music. Capoeira differs from all other martial arts in the use…


Taijutsu is a Japanese melee system without the use of weapons, as well as the art of maintaining a healthy body. Taijutsu consists of almost all the techniques used: limbs,…


Arnis is a Filipino martial art. Already at the beginning of training in such a martial art, you will begin to work with weapons, and only then learn the technique…