What is a martial arts path?
In short, the Martial Arts Path is the process of turning an ordinary person into a warrior. And as Carlos Castaneda put it, “to become a warrior means to consciously…

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What is a martial arts path?
In short, the Martial Arts Path is the process of turning an ordinary person into a warrior. And as Carlos Castaneda put it, “to become a warrior means to consciously…

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Kuresh is a traditional sports struggle of the Turkic peoples, which is carried out as a belt wrestling. Among the Bashkirs, Chuvashs, Tatars, Kuresh is an important component of national…

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The roots of this sport stretch from the not-so-distant 60-70s of the XX century. Homeland kickboxing USA. It was there that they decided to hold competitions according to a single scheme for fighters of various martial arts. The name from the English words “kick” – kick and “boxing” – boxing, according to history, was suggested by Chuck Noris, a multiple champion of this sport. The first competitions were called All style Karate and Full-Contact Karate. By “Karate” was understood all martial arts.

The competition scheme was also adopted. At first, the competitions were regular only for the USA, and later already in other countries of the world. Significant popularization of martial arts has contributed to the Hollywood film industry and stars Don Wilson, Benny Urkides, Chuck Noris.

Kickboxing has incorporated all the best from such schools as English and Thai boxes, Wushu, Taekwondo and karate. All this requires from the participant of the battle not only excellent physical, but also psychological preparation, since the battles are held in full contact. You can hit the head and body in full force with your hands and feet.

At the dawn of kickboxing, there was one rule so popular in Hollywood action movies – no rules. It was possible to do sweeps and grabs, steps and throws, as well as use any kicks and arms. But over time, the rules were clearly formed. The rule of 8 strokes appeared. It implied that in a round 8 or more kicks had to be inflicted with the feet. This added to the entertainment of the battle, while before him, kicks were often not used. This rule is currently changed to 6 strokes. In this case, knees and elbows, holding and throwing are prohibited.

At present, kickboxing is divided into weight categories, although at the dawn of the emergence of sports there were no weight categories at all.

The largest kickboxing organization for amateurs and professionals, the World Organization of Kickboxing Organizations brings together participants from 89 countries under its wing.

For fans, European and World Championships are held every two years. Selection takes place according to the Olympic system. Professionals do not have a strict time frame for championships. The title of a fighter depends on the number of rating fights held by him and victories in them. Those who scored the highest rating in their weight category become a contender for the champion title. Next, the applicant fights with the current champion and in case of victory becomes the world champion according to the version conducting the organization’s championship.

The athlete’s equipment consists of a helmet, gloves, feet – protectors on the feet, shields for the lower leg, mouth guard. For girls there are special protectors on the chest.

Equipment is required for amateur kickboxing. Professionals without fail use mouth guards, inguinal shells and gloves. Perhaps the use of protection for the legs, with the mutual consent of the participants in the meeting.

The fight
Fights are held in the boxing ring. For amateurs, these are 3 two-minute rounds, for professionals they spend from 6 to 8 rounds also lasting two minutes. The fight for the champion title usually lasts 12 rounds. Like in boxing. Men come out with a naked torso and in shorts, girls in shorts and a T-shirt.

Kickboxing Kinds
Kickboxing has three varieties, all of them differ slightly from each other by the rules:

– american kickboxing

– european kickboxing

– Japanese kickboxing (K-1) – the most popular to date

K-1 fights
K-1 is a martial sport combining techniques from various martial arts: karate, sanda, Thai Muay Thai boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo, traditional boxing and other martial arts to determine the best and only fighter in the world (“1”).

K-1 kickboxingThis martial arts team is managed and promoted by the Fighting and Entertainment Group. They are the organizers of various fights around the world. First, regional tournaments are held where the best fighters are selected. Further, the best fighters meet in the ring of the annual K-1 World Grand Prix tournament. This sport is very popular in European countries, Korea and Japan and is gaining great popularity in Russia. In most states of the USA, K-1 fights are prohibited, mainly such battles are held in Honolulu or Las Vegas.

K-1 is kickboxing, where it is impossible to draw a clear line between sport and sight. It is believed that K-1 is a very tough and cruel sport, but it is not. In fact, there are enough rules that limit the tricks that fighters can use.

The K-1 fight is three rounds of three minutes. The tournament must reach some final point, be it a knockout, a technical knockout, a decision, a disqualification or a draw. Only a doctor or referee has the right to stop a fight.

Three judges judge the battle, who evaluate the movements and blows of the participants using the ten-point system. If three rounds end in a draw, the referee appoints an extra round, the fourth decisive round. In this case, the judge is judged only by an extra round of combat.

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