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Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an Israeli military hand-to-hand combat system designed specifically to quickly eliminate the threat to life. Krav Maga became famous after it was adopted by various security forces in Israel.

Name history
The name of martial arts in Hebrew means “close combat” from the magician – contact, Krav – battle. In a krav maga, a battle occurs with physical contact with an opponent, which is different from a battle using weapons from a distance, although in this martial art they also teach how to use firearms in combination with hand-to-hand techniques.

Basic information
In Krav Maga there are no strictly defined rules and differences in training for both sexes. There are no sports and uniforms in this combat system, although individual organizations give different emblems to the soldiers during training. Martial arts techniques are based on the greatest efficiency in living conditions. When attacking in real conditions, when there will be no leniency towards a fighter, his reaction should be primarily aimed at eliminating the threat and his own salvation as quickly and safely as possible. Krav Maga is designed for use in conditions that threaten the life of a fighter. In battle, techniques are used that hit unprotected points of the body, including in the eyes and groin, head blows, tricks that allow you to use all possible objects as weapons. Also, during training, they demonstrate how to reduce the striking force from enemy moves and correctly apply the rules of self-defense.

Krav Maga for self-defense The principles of Krav Maga are the following rules: apply body reflexes and weak spots, as well as any accessible objects, do not get injured, quickly switch from defense to attack, quickly neutralize the enemy.

These rules were created, taking into account possible dangerous situations, so you need to constantly compare the threat and the response.

These principles were developed taking into account the occurrence of life-threatening situations, therefore, the necessity of correlating the reaction of the fighter with the initial threat is emphasized.

According to the Krav magician, you must first eliminate the direct danger, prevent the development of an aggressive situation further, and then neutralize the enemy. Sometimes, in order to avoid danger, you can attack the enemy first.

Krav Maga is not based on a specific philosophy, like oriental martial arts. The purpose of martial arts is to ensure the survival of the fighter, and not his self-improvement. In this regard, the basis of Krav Maga is scientific developments in the field of research of reflexes of both the attacker and the defender.

Krav Maga and other martial arts are similar in many tricks, although training in this martial art is different. The main emphasis is on conducting the battle in the worst conditions from uncomfortable positions, in particular against several enemies, while protecting a third party, fighting with one hand, against armed opponents, etc. Fast training, constant movement during the battle, high efficiency are important during defense and attack.

In training, special attention is paid to a number of principles:

– in a battle conducted in real life, there are no rules;

– during the training process, you cannot injure yourself or your opponent

Krav Maga training The training consists of aerobic or anaerobic loads and is carried out with the use of protection. The protection of the head, inguinal region, lower leg, forearm is applied, as a result of which the training is carried out using a real level of exposure without injury. This helps to practice different techniques at full strength and feel the force of the enemy’s blow.

In a number of schools, “Strike and Fight” is used – full-contact sparring fights that are held in order to familiarize students with combat stress.

Training fights are held to loud music, a strobe, using a device for the formation of artificial smoke, which fosters the ability not to be distracted by environmental conditions and completely immerse yourself in the situation. To make it closer to real conditions, a set of hard physical exercises can be carried out before defensive training, the training can be carried out on a relief terrain, blindfolded – the fight is carried out in the most realistic conditions as much as possible.

In the process of training, students are helped to develop the ability to correctly assess the situation, location on the ground and dangerous details even before the battle begins, as well as ways to avoid violent actions – both physical and verbal.

Usually the lesson lasts about an hour and combines physical exercises with the study of self-defense techniques. First, physical exercises and a set of stretching exercises are performed, then the instructor shows several methods of self-defense – both defensive and offensive. Then they carry out physical exercises with the fighters, which combine the struggle with acrobatic exercises. And by increasing the complexity of training, instructors teach students more and more complex or less well-known attack options.

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