Kenjutsu is an ancient art of wielding a sword that arose about 1,200 years ago…

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Wushu (Kung Fu)
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Viet Vo Dao
Viet Vo Dao is a system of traditional Vietnamese martial arts, which includes the knowledge…

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Mix Fight

Mix Fight (MMA – from the English. Mixed Martial Arts) – martial arts, which are a combination of many techniques, styles and directions of various martial arts. Mixfight is full-contact battles in which shock technique is used, both in the rack and on the floor. Some still say – fights without rules, but this is not right, since there are still rules here.

The most ancient style of fighting without weapons, like modern MMA, in Ancient Greece was Pankration, which was part of the ancient Olympic Games. Further, this sport grew from the ancient Romans into fierce battles, which were still on display at the Coliseum.

In the 19th century, fighting between representatives of different martial arts styles was especially popular, in England even a new martial art was created for Bartitsu, which combined the martial arts of Europe and Asia. In the famous Conan Doyle novel about Sherlock Holmes, the insidious professor Moriarty owned this kind of martial arts.

After the First World War, the struggle developed in 2 directions. The first is real battles, representatives of the second direction began to engage in staged fights, a peculiar version of the show.

In the late 60s, the idea of ​​synthesizing various martial arts was actively spread by Bruce Lee. His films had such an impact on MMA that in 2004 the head of the Absolute Fighting Championship, Dana White, called Lee “the father of MMA.”

The MMA base also existed in the USSR – Sambo is as similar as possible to MMA in terms of the techniques used. Also in the army of the USSR since 1979, competitions were held in army hand-to-hand combat, similar to mixed martial arts.

The modern mix fight comes from the Val Tudo competition in Brazil and Japanese shoot-wrestling. Brazilian Vale Tudo originated in the 30s of the 20th century, when the wrestlers of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Carlos and Helio Gracie invited any athlete to compete with them in a duel.

In Japan in the 70s of the last century, professional wrestler Kanji Inoki organized fights according to mixed rules, including with the famous boxer Mohammed Ali. Due to the restrictions introduced, the fight was not spectacular and ended in a draw, after which such fights were not held for a certain time.

Mixfight MMA In the future, mix fights developed differently in different countries. In the United States, mixed martial arts gained fame in 1993, when the first tournament of the Absolute Fighting Championship of eight fighters was organized with a prize fund of 50 thousand dollars, which represented boxing, wrestling, savat, sumo and karate athletes. To the surprise of the audience, the winner was the Brazilian Royce Gracie, who was much lower and easier than his rivals. He won thanks to suffocating and painful tricks, which were little known at that time.

In Japan, the popularity of the mix fight led to the creation of a large MMA organization, the Pride Fighting Championships.

In Russia and the CIS, the development of MMA was erratic and expressed in the conduct of individual tournaments or fights. The level of competition at that time was determined only by the desire of the sponsors to invest in tournaments, so they were often held in inappropriate conditions. The level of battles increased significantly with the advent of the Japanese organization RINGS in the country.

Today, the development of MMA in Russia is not progressing as actively as in the United States, where interest in the fights of the Absolute Fighting Championship grew after amendments to the rules of battles were made, which made them much more spectacular. In Russia, the situation is different due to the prevailing public opinion that this is a bloody sport, fighting without rules. The state also does not support this sport.

The rules of MMA have now changed significantly in the direction of tightening the rules to protect the health of athletes. New rules include the division of fighters into weight categories, the use of protective equipment, restrictions on tough moves. At present, blows to the eyes, throat, the back of the head and spine, groin, grip on small joints, bites, and fingers on the ears, nostrils, and mouth are prohibited almost everywhere during a battle.

Instead of boxing gloves, the mix fight uses hand pads that open fingers. Pads appeared in MMA to protect hands and reduce the number of cuts. Also overlays increase the entertainment of fights.

In MMA, two main battle strategies are distinguished: striking technique – when an athlete uses strikes with limbs to win, and wrestling – when the athlete uses throws, captures, and painful techniques.

Mix Fight Training Physical training of MMA athletes varies in different clubs, but the basis of training is the combination of aerobic and speed exercises, strength training.

Hybrid styles are those styles of warfare where a combination of a small number of techniques is used that will allow the athlete to apply his strengths. These styles include dirty boxing, ground and pound, grappling.

The tactics of a dirty box is to use a clinch to prevent the enemy from moving away, while striking and trying to transfer the fight to the ground.

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